Outline Agreements Sap Sd

Outline agreements are an essential part of the business operations for companies that have frequent and regular purchases or sales. They are long-term agreements between a buyer and a vendor, which provide a framework for future transactions. In the world of SAP SD (Sales and Distribution), partnering with customers and suppliers to outline agreements has become a crucial task. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of outline agreements in SAP SD and how they can improve business operations.

Types of Outline Agreements

SAP SD allows us to create four types of outline agreements:

1. Quantity Contract (QC): This agreement is based on a fixed quantity of products that will be purchased/sold over a specified period.

2. Value Contract (VC): This agreement is based on a fixed value of products that will be purchased/sold over a specified period. It`s a great option when the quantity of products fluctuates.

3. Blanket Purchase Order (BPO): This agreement allows blanket purchase orders to be made for a specific period, ensuring that you can receive goods or services whenever necessary.

4. Scheduling Agreement (SA): This agreement is used when products are required to be delivered in small quantities but at regular intervals. It`s an ideal option when products need to be replenished in small batches.

Advantages of Outline Agreements in SAP SD

1. Cost Savings: Outline agreements help you negotiate better prices with vendors or customers. When you agree on a fixed price for a product, you can make significant savings over time.

2. Reduced Administrative Work: Outline agreements eliminate the need to place orders every time you require goods or services. It streamlines the procurement process, reducing the time spent on administrative work.

3. Improved Planning: Outline agreements enable you to conduct better planning. You can anticipate and prepare for the future by knowing the expected flow of goods or services.

4. Reduced Inventory: Outline agreements can help you manage inventory levels efficiently. By knowing the future demand for goods or services, you can reduce excess inventory, prevent stockouts, and save on storage costs.


In conclusion, outline agreements are an integral part of business operations, and SAP SD provides a comprehensive framework to create them. Partnering with suppliers and customers to outline agreements can help you save costs, reduce administrative work, and improve planning. So, the next time you are making a purchase, consider outlining an agreement with your supplier to optimize your business operations.